1 PART OF AN AREA one of the two areas that are on either the left or the right of an imaginary line, or on either the left or the right of a border, wall, river etc: Drive on the left-hand side of the road. | a scar on the right side of his face | Fuel is cheaper on the French side of the border. | The south side of town is pretty run-down. | the far/other side (=the area furthest from you or opposite you): I could just see Rita on the far side of the square. | to one side (of): Off to one side was a small wooden shed.
2 NEXT TO (usually singular) the place or area directly next to someone or something, on the right or the left: Put the table on the left side of the couch. | Stand on this side of me so Dad can get a photo. | by/at sb's side (=beside them): Tyler's daughter walked at his side. | side by side (=next to each other): Two bottles stood side by side on the shelf. | We walked along the beach, side by side. | on either side (=on the left side and the right): On either side of the front gates stood a tall tree.
3 EDGE the part of an object or area that is furthest from the middle, at or near the edge: a little store by the side of the highway | a triangle with unequal sides | Jack sat down heavily on the side of the bed. | roadside/lakeside etc: a charming hotel on the riverside
—see also: seaside
4 OF A BUILDING/OBJECT/VEHICLE ETC a surface of something that is not its front, back, top, or bottom: There's an entrance at the side of the building. | The lifeboat was lowered over the ship's side. | Someone ran into the side of my car. | Scrape the batter from the sides of the bowl.
5 MOUNTAIN/VALLEY ETC one of the sloping areas of a hill, mountain etc: an old cave in the side of the valley | hillside/mountainside etc: sheep grazing on the steep hillside
6 FLAT SURFACE one of the flat surfaces of something: Which side of the box do you put the label on? | A cube has six sides.
7 of a thin object one of the two surfaces of a thin flat object: Write only on one side of the paper. | I'll paint the other side of the fence tomorrow. | Try playing side A of the tape.
8 three-sided/four-sided etc with three sides, four sides etc: a five-sided shape
—see also: one­sided
9 steep-sided/bare-sided etc with a particular type of side: a sheer-sided gorge | a huge flat-sided rock
10 PAGE BrE a page of writing on one side of a piece of paper: How many sides have we got to write?
11 from side to side moving continuously, first in one direction then in the other: The rope bridge swung from side to side in a terrifying manner.
12 from all sides from every direction: Planes were attacking us from all sides.
13 on all sides/on every side in every direction: We were surrounded on all sides by a wall of flames. | Gunfire erupted on every side.
14 one part or feature of a subject, problem, or situation, especially when compared with another part: Tell me your side of the story. | We expect you to keep your side of the bargain. | all/both sides: Try to look at all sides of the issue. | technical/financial/social etc side: She takes care of the financial side of the business. | serious/funny etc side: Can't you see the funny side of all this?
15 one of the people, groups, or countries opposing each other in a quarrel, war etc: fighting on the Bosnian side in the civil war | My sympathy lay on the side of the rebels. | take sides (=choose to support a particular person or opinion): I'm sorry, but I'm not taking sides on this one. | be on sb's side (=agree with someone and support them): Thank God at least you're on my side. | whose side are you on? spoken (=used when someone is arguing against you when they should be supporting you)
16 IN SPORT (also + plural verb BrE) BrE a sports team: He plays for the Welsh side.
17 PART OF SB'S CHARACTER (usually singular) one part of someone's character, especially when compared with another part: One side of me is cautious, and another side says go ahead and do it! | It was a side of Shari I hadn't seen before. | emotional/romantic/funny etc side: Jeff does have his romantic side, honestly!
18 PART OF YOUR BODY the part of your body from your shoulder to the top of your leg: He had a scar running right the way down his side.
19 OF A FAMILY the parents, grandparents etc of your mother or your father: Ken is Scottish on his mother's side.
20 not leave sb's side to always be with someone and look after them: Promise me you'll never leave her side.
21 side by side closely together with each other and helping each other: We've worked side by side for years.
22 on the high side/the heavy side etc spoken a little too high, too heavy etc: Ooh, the price is a bit on the high side, isn't it? | The sheets are still a little on the damp side.
23 on the side
a) in addition to your regular job: Freelancing can help you make a little money on the side.
—see also: sideline 1 (1)
b) dishonestly or illegally: Simms didn't seem the type to have a lover on the side.
—see also: a bit on the side bit 1 (21)
c) food that is served on the side is ordered with the main dish in a restaurant, but is not usually part of that dish: Could I have waffles with an egg on the side?
24 have sth on your side to have an advantage that increases your chances of success: Greg has youth on his side, he'll recover. | We've got the law on our side.
25 get on the right/wrong side of sb informal to make someone very pleased with you or very angry with you: Be careful not to get on the wrong side of her.
26 let the side down BrE informal to behave in a way that makes things difficult for your family, team etc, or makes them embarrassed: I'm disappointed in you, Alex, you've really let the side down.
27 TV STATION (usually singular) BrE informal a television station; channel 1 (1): What's on the other side?
28 a side of beef/bacon one half of an animal's body, cut along the backbone and bought for food
29 put/leave/set sth to one side to save something to be dealt with or used later: Let's leave that question to one side for now. | Put a little money to one side each week.
30 on the right/wrong side of 30, 40 etc spoken younger or older than 30, 40 etc
31 take etc sb to one side to take someone away from other people for a short time for a private talk: Maybe you can quietly take Pam to one side and ask about Henry.
32 on the wrong/right side of the law informal breaking/not breaking the law: OK, do it, but keep on the right side of the law!
33 this side of without going as far as: It's the best Chinese food this side of Peking.
34 criticize/scold/curse sb up one side and down the other AmE spoken criticize someone, treat them unkindly etc without worrying about how they feel
—see also: flip side, to be on the safe side safe 1 (8), split your sides split 1 (9), two sides of the same coin coin 1 (4), the other side of the coin coin 1 (3), get out of bed (on) the wrong side bed 1 (9), err on the side of caution err (1) 2 adjective (only before noun)
1 in or on the side of something: a side door/panel etc: Hannah slipped out through a side exit.
2 from the side of something: Can you get a side view?
3 side street/road etc a street, road etc that is smaller than a main street but is often connected to it: He'd found a nice quiet side street off San Vincente.
3 verb (I) to support or argue against a person or group in a quarrel, fight etc (+ with/against): Frank sided with David against their mother.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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